Winter Abounds…Sort Of

We had an amazing autumn filled with brilliant colored foliage and long periods of extremely pleasant warm weather. In fact, after a couple brief snow storms the temperatures are still hovering in the forties during the day, which is unusual for this high-altitude region. But we never forget: winter is coming. ❄

Outdoor projects have slowed down and we have turned our attention to the inner world of our buildings and ourselves. With the potatoes, apples, and garlic harvested (among other things), Linda and Warren exercised their expertise in food preservation. Dozens of jars of salsa, vegetable soups, ketchup, pickles, pie filling and fruit compote were canned and put in our cold-storage, as well as multiple freezer bags of kale, chard, honey berries, and zucchini. And the harvest is already being enjoyed and shared with others.

The trails and Sage Wall are closed for the season but please check back with us around April to discuss reservations for next year. We are weather-dependent in terms of access and we move with the seasons; which means we don’t have a set opening date until about one month before. Generally, that is April or May. But it has been as early as March or as late as June! Keep an eye on this blog and we will keep you regularly updated. Also, Sage Mountain Center tours ARE available year-around so if you are interested in checking out sustainable, off-grid living send us an email and we’ll get you registered through our online portal.

Videos continue to be released about Sage Wall which, to our wonderful surprise, keep going viral. Here is one of the latest and comments keep flooding in. Not all the comments are positive, but we are like sponges learning from ALL the feedback. Moreover, this feedback is what generates new insights and understanding for us.

Linda and I are slowly moving forward with our Chronicles and are excited to release updated findings of Sage Wall reports and our history. If you’ve ever written a book or a long paper, you know how grueling it can get. Why can’t the information just flow out as easy as it went in?


Chris and the Sage Mountaineers

Chris and Linda with Group
Autumn colors in the garden