We’re thrilled to announce that Sage Mountain Center is now fully operational for the 2024 season! We invite you to delve into the diverse range of experiences we offer. As the weather becomes increasingly pleasant, we anticipate spending more time outdoors, which means these blog updates will likely shift to an every-other-month format.

If you’re interested in visiting us, we’re accepting reservations through September 2024, or until the onset of the winter forces us to dial it back. We offer two convenient time slots for your visit to Sage Mountain Center: 10 am or 2 pm.

For our loyal followers, you might have observed a minor increase in our prices. This change mirrors the significant time and effort we’re investing to elevate your experience and to delve deeper into the research we have lined up for Sage Wall. Once you email us for an available date (smc@sagemountain), you will receive your registration/payment link and you’ll be good to go. Below are our four main offerings this year and we look forward to welcoming you!

  1. Sage Mountain Center Tour (guided): 1 hour, $30/person. 17 years old and under are free. This one-hour guided tour explores our award-winning facility featuring solar and wind off-grid sustainable living, including organic and permaculture gardens, clean energy systems, natural building materials, and the wisdom and insights offered from this mountain eco-system.
  2. Sage Wall and Trail Hike (on your own): 2-hour reservation slots, $75/person. 17 years old and younger are free. Self-guided tour (it’s about a 1/2-mile hike to Sage Wall from the parking lot and takes about 15 min.). Dirt trails are clearly marked and are unfortunately NOT wheelchair accessible.
  3. Guided Sage Wall and Trail Hike. Do you want someone to guide you or your personal group up to the Wall? Add $100 for you or your group. Get a deep one-hour orientation of the site with one of the owners as your personal tour guide. This includes the history and discovery of Sage Wall in 1996 along with stories of living here for over 30 years. This is an additional fee on top of your $75 registration.
  4. Labyrinth Walk: Donation optional. Enjoy one of the larger labyrinths in the country at ½ mile long. It takes about 20 – 40 minutes to walk, depending on your meditative pace. Note: A labyrinth is distinct from a maze in that it is a flat, intricate path where one cannot lose their way.

Also, Mike Collins of Wandering Wolf has posted a fun short video revealing some of the new things going on this season. And subscribe to his channel to see all the latest on Sage Wall developments.

As a reminder, Linda Welsh (co-founder and operator of Sage Mountain Center) has written her first book of poetry, published by Warbler Press! Congratulations on these profound reflections on dying and death. Pick up your electronic, paperback or hardback copy  at this Amazon link.

“A love song about Life. As intimate and open as footprints in the desert with its thorns and yucca blossoms.”
—Jan Elpel, author of Society of Poets

“Welsh uses nature’s changing expressions to breathe acceptance into the deeply intimate process of death and dying…making death a much more acceptable inevitability.”
—Cyndi Fonda, author of Body of Secrets: Finding My Voice Inside a Famous Family

Facing the Mountain: Poems on Dying and Death, Caregiving and Hope offers comfort for those in bereavement and explores the interwoven themes of dying, death, caregiving, and hope in human nature and Nature itself. In this deeply honest, transparent, and questioning collection of poems, Linda C. Welsh explores the complexities of caring for people in their most vulnerable time of need within the context of a death-phobic society. An innovative fusion shaped from direct experience in the care of the dying, surrender to the transformative forces of life, and reverence for the living world, Facing the Mountain is a lyrical exploration of grief, aloneness, renewal, awakening, and longing.

With Appreciation,

The Sage Mountaineers


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